Monday, 3 January 2011

Sub 2.45 London Marathon Training Week one

Marius Bakken 100 day marathon plan
Start of the 5k-10k phase of the training plan
13 x 2 mins at Level 4 with 3 mins rec

Oh shit! It felt a bit like when your standing at the top of a high diving board at the pool, ready to jump off!
Yes it's time to jump back into Marathon training again!
The session looked quite tough and after all that snow would I have enough speed in my legs to hit my target paces!
I opened the front door and stepped out into the dark gloom.
Conditions were quite good, cold but dry and not much wind.
Oh well here goes!
After a good warm up I sprinted into my first 2 mins at L4
Level 4 is between 1/2 marathon [6.00 pace] and 10K pace [5.44], the idea is to start at lower L4 and work your way into upper L4 towards the end of the session.
Things went OK up to 1/2 way [ 30 mins into the workout] then my legs started to get a little rubbery!
I checked my form, pushing my hips forward and ran tall, now things improved, I finished the last couple of efforts strongly!
Just 6 x 20 sec strides to go, I impressed myself with a max speed of 14.7 mph, yeah almost sub 4 min mile pace :]
Total time 1 hour 10 mins Job done :]


Grellan said...

The first step is the most important.

Ewen said...

About time Rick! I'll be following this preparation closely. If your form is as good as the Pommie cricket team you'll be challenging Scott Brown for the fastest marathon time of the year ;)