Tuesday, 25 January 2011

1/2 Marathon paced tempo run and 10 x hill efforts, plus why I put a hacksaw to my Newtons!

If only all my sessions went as well as this, I'd be a very happy man indeed:]
Conditions were pretty dam good, mild with only a slight south westerly breeze ideal for my 20 min tempo run at close to 1/2 MP.
Location Hillside loop
The first half felt quite tough as I worked against the wind and gradual uphill to Hillside, but I made the most of the return leg, pushing well under 6 min mile pace at times.
I got onto my finishing loop feeling quite fresh, covering 3.32 miles at 6.02 pace.
After a short recovery jog it was time for 10 efforts up and down Oxford Rd.
I was meant to run for 45 sec but decided to just run from the first lamp post- last.
This gave me a fastest up hill time 51 sec and a best of 47 sec downhill.
1/ 5.43 pace 2/ 5.11 pace 3/ 5.24 pace 4/5.00 pace 5/ 5.28 pace 6/ 4.59 pace 7/ 5.24 8/ 4.59 9/5.18 10/ 4.47 pace
Holly shit! Almost got up to Geb's Marathon speed on my last effort, LoL.
Felt pretty strong and controlled on these!

Total time 1 hour

ATTACK OF THE NEWTON'S [No high heels for me] !

I used my Newton Distance Racing shoes on Mondays club run, first time in ages.
I realized quite soon into the run why I've not been wearing them, they sucked!!!
I'm used to wearing zero heel - toe lift shoes and the newton wasn't letting me get full calf and tendon stretch and snap back for maximum power and bio-mechanical efficiency.
There was only one thing for it 'Hacksaw Time'!
A few minutes work and I had zero lift heels!
It was time for a test run, straight away they felt 100% better and they performed really well on the tempo run and hill efforts.
That's great, I can really make use of them now:]
But why make running shoes with heel lift? it's crazy!

Nike Heelless Prototype Running Shoe



Anonymous said...

Do you have a picture of your modification? Do you just use a regular hack saw and how do you ensure you get things level - or do you just have a good eye?
Is the heel now against EVA as opposed to carbon rubber?

Rick said...

Phil, there are now quite a few shoes on the market with zero heel to toe lift.
But last year I modified an old pair of trainers, it worked well some I moved on to a pair of Nike frees.
Cutting the heel down with a junior hack saw.
One year on and there still my favourite shoe.
Check out my post from 2009, these shoes are still going strong;


By the way you could get a shoe repairer [cobbler] to modify your shoes.

Rob said...

I have only run in Newtons for the last year(since I started really) I find them great to be honest I find less presure on my knees in them..Was thinkin of trying a pair of Saucony Kinvara read some good stuff about them have you tried them Rick just wondering what you think..