Wednesday 19 January 2011

Torchlight 5K Results

Torchlight 5K Results 19/01/11

1) Steve Wilkinson 17:46

2) Steve Mclean 18:27

3) Rick Bowker 18:33

4) Steve Lewis 18:46

5) Keith Lunt 19:35

6) Andrew Hudson 19:50

7) Terry Boland 20:30

8) Paul Talbot 20:40

9) Martin Sutton 21:07

10) Howard Nuttall 21:54

11) Paul Warrington 22:07

12) Brian Gow 22:10

13) Rob Cosgrove 22:27

14) Vicky Harvey 22:41

15) Mark Wadmore 22:52

16) Andrew Dawson 22:55

17) Adrian Shandley 23:00

18) Carol Wright 25:30

19) Callum Hudson 25:44

20) Ryan Spencer 25:46

21) Des Dobbs 25:59

22) Sue Stewart 26:55

23) Donna Spencer 27:04

24) Dave Aspinal 27:19

25) Brian Grice 27:27

26) Elaine Sutton 29:20

27) Shelia Marshall 29:36

DNF Greg Walker

Some amazing times taking into account the dark, gravel paths, tight turns, short sharp hills and freezing conditions.

Great race, congrats to Andy Hudson and team for putting on a fantastic event.

steve wilko showed his true ability by blasting round for a win!

I was pleased to have my best race since last July finishing 3rd after tracking in form Steve Mclean, catching him and shearing the pace with him until the final 400m where he used his track running power to edge me out of 2nd place.

Steve Lewis had another fantastic run finished 4th setting a p.b. in the process!

In the womens race Vicky Harvey was the outstanding winner finishing almost 3 mins ahead of Carol Wright who put in a good run to finish 2nd lady with Sue Stewart 3rd and Donna Spencer 4th.


Watch this space for the next awesome event coming SOON !


Q said...

Congrats on placing! I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the treadmill tips, it's been getting better.

PaulW said...

What a great event and a brand new experience for me. I loved it and ran pretty well. I'll keep my eye out for the next one. Well done on your run. I think I nearly fell down the hill to the bridge trying to get across before you came the other way.

Rick said...

Katherine, glad to help.
I also highly recommend the trigger point workouts to help improve posture and range of motion.
Paul, glad you enjoyed the event.
I'll post the date for next 5k as soon as Event organizer Andy Hudson notifies me.
Aslo look out for my own Rubbish 5k's on the same course throughout the summer :]