Saturday, 15 January 2011

Southport Waterloo A/C Win Ashurst Beacon Team Award

The seriously challenging 5.9 miles Ashurst Beacon fell race proved good hunting ground for SWAC.

Young Ben who trained with me on Wednesday finished an impressive 2nd overall [38.53] one min behind winner Nick Leigh of P&B. Ben, Rob Ashworth [42.36] and Steve McLean [43.41] made up our winning team, nice job lads :]
As for my own race, well it was a case of only two hours in bed after another tough night shift.

Steve Lewis kindly gave me a lift to the race. Heavy rain cleared for the start leaving very mild temps but plenty of mud out on the course.
My plan was to go out hard and see what happened.
The first mile is a suicide downhill, I wanted to try and stay with the leaders but got hemmed in, drat , even so I reached 4.20 pace on the road section before we moved onto the muddy trails. After a mile we started the steep ascent up through the quarry path to the top of Parbold [500ft]. I felt OK but didn't have the energy to dig really deep. I guess I reached the top in about 20th place.
Next followed a 1/2 mile along the top road, I gained a few places as I hit 11 mph. A right turn and I was running downhill on dirt tracks through Fairy Glen, so far so good! After the long descent we climbed up steep steps, out and over a wall and onto a very muddy cow field. My trail shoes slivered and slidded, it took all my concentration to stay upright. I lost quite a few places before we rejoined the dirt paths Again.
Now a final challenge of 500ft of climbing in a mile.
My energy left my legs just like water going down a drain. I could not suffer it was just a matter of plodding on, I was now in fat burning mode [slow boat to china mode].
Steve Lewis [30th 44.54, his best race by far!] pulled past as we hit the final 500m on what felt like a stage of one of the toughest Tour De France mountain stages!
At last the final 100m up to the top of the Beacon.
I finish a spent force in 35th out of 157 [ 45.21].
Not to worry, I'm always crap this time of year, the form will come, be sure of that. Roll on Parbold hill race next month, time for revenge :]
See Garmin Map Ashurst Beacon Race HERE


Rob said...

I think the night shift and two hours in bed had something to do with it Rick...sounds like a slugger of a run racing more against yourself than anyone else but them ones count wide of them hills as they say.. it can be lost there but not won.. nice going.


Thanks Rob, Yes I used it as a good workout, a stepping stone to greater things I hope!

Samurai Running said...

"Slow boat to China mode" and a "spent force" you could almost be describing my love life of late!

But anyway ;) every dog has his day and yours will come again!

Rick said...

Lets hope so Scott!
Can't really advise you on your love life, But maybe you could buy the missis some sex toys and sexy stockings :]