Sunday, 2 January 2011

LONDON MARATHON 2011 A New Start A New Begining!

Hi guy's hope your new year got off to a good start?

I started my new year with the clubs new years day 14.2 mile coastal path run.
most of the route goes over the sand dunes and Formby and Ainsdale pinewoods.
24 of us set off at an easy pace along the coastal path, by 5 miles Steve McLean started pushing the pace as we went into the Formby woods with Steve Wilko pushing things on through the Ainsdale woods.
As we emerged out onto the main path by the railway line I found myself taking the lead into a nasty headwind, as the rain started I thought to hell with it and pushed even harder!
Under the Railway bridge and back into the dunes.
I lead the charge onto the winding single track following the white posts, at last we reached Pointins, just 2 1/2 miles until the comfort of the Fisherman's pub where beer and food was awaiting us!
I lead Steve and Joe off the sand dunes and onto the final 1/2 mile of tarmac cycle track.
Steve lifted the pace and we were soon doing sub 6 pace into the finish.
Total time 1.48

SAMMY WANJIRU starts 2011 with a 'BANG'!
Someone who didn't have such a great start to the new year was Olympic marathon champion Sammy Wanjiru.

Sammy's been charged in his native Kenya with death threats to his wife and the illegal possession of an AK47 rifle. READ HERE

My Marius Bakken training for the London Marathon 2011 starts tomorrow with the aim of sub 2.45 and gaining a championship place for London 2012 at the age of 50!


Scott McMurtrey said...

Any effort that includes "sand dunes" and "sub-6" sounds like a wonderful race. :)

Happy New Year!

Samurai Running said...

Cool!!! I started my MB training on Monday for a the Nagano Marathon in on April 17th.

We should be able to push ourselves to bigger and better things in 2011 Rick!

Samurai Running said...

How is Sammy's form!

Coming home drunk and making death threats to the wife!!

In my case coming home drunk usually has the wife making death threats to me!!

I've heard Sammy doesn't mind a drink and when he was living in Japan he used to come home drunk and make death threats to his cat but luckily it was a very forgiving feline and besides you'd never be able to get a jury in Japan to convict on those kind of charges. In the cat's case you'd have make the death threats at least nine times to make it stick ;)

Still if this is all part of his training technique and what it takes to be faster I'm willing to give it a try!!!

Rick said...

Scott K.R.
Well Scott it was only a clun training run but it did turn into a sort of race :]
Scotty; Ha,Ha, your comment is very funny :]