Thursday 5 May 2011

Steve Way : from a 16.5 stone unfit smoker to a 2:19 marathon runner - in just two and a half years.

To find out more about Steve visit his website:

Fantastic Parbold hill run
Paul, Stevie and myself ran some very hilly loops around the Harrock Hill race route and beyond!
We are all training for both the Harrock Hill races and a Half Marathon in June.
I think this was Stevie's longest ever run and he coped really well.
Felt quite good myself, starting to recover from London!
Paul after a long run with Rob during the week seemed to struggle some what, but sure he will return with vengeance next time.
Garmin Data
Parbold 17 miles hilly run
First real test for my New Balance MT 101 trail racing shoes, really loved them, very lightweight, quite minimal and with great traction, they work well both on the road and off road in all conditions.
Read review HERE
Short Hill Sprints
I'm going to do a session of short hill sprints once a week throughout the summer.
Main benefits are greatly increased growth hormone levels [very important for masters runners] plus increase in power and a longer stride!
on todays run Tess and me warmed up well then ran 6 fast efforts up a gradual hill with a slow jog back recovery.
=50 mins
Garmin Data

Trained with Stevie Lewis in the Kings Gardens on the one K loop.
Did one of Marius Bakken's half marathon sessions.

20 mins progression run followed by 10 x 1 min at 10k pace.
Total time 1 hour
Easy round the Hillside loop av pace 8 MPH =40 mins
Waterloo 15K

Felt tired after night shift, marathon pace felt like a 5K type effort!
Finished 22nd in a big field of runners

There are not many happy looking joggers. The stereotype of grimacing grimly through 10k because it is good for you is painful. Screwing your face up causes tension. Try letting go of the pain and smiling. You will feel better and people will smile back at you.



Ewen said...

Thanks Rick. Fascinating interview. He's certainly making the most of his talent. Even before '07 when he ran some fun races he was 90kg! Incredible transformation.


Yes impressive!
Seems he overtrained last summer and did not manage to run faster at this years London, but with the right training and coach who knows what the guy can achieve!

Samurai Running said...

Rick are you going to target your Half mara PB this June? Think you'll be in PB shape by then?

I'll watch the video later thanks got to get bback to work really busy thesedays!

Samurai Running said...

Great interview,

Yes I agree totally with what he says and think that that is why the Kenyans dominate this sport in the higher levels because just how many Keyans run and this large body of runner simply means better times all round!

That is a fast progression, I'd bet that he won't go any faster than this but could have gone faster if he'd trained and run this PB after 5 or 8 years. But what do I know! Love to see him go sub 2:15 at least!


Hi Scott,
looking at aiming at hill races this summer and will also do the mountain marathon again in Sept.
The half marathon I'm running is not really a P.B. course, so it might be next year before I have another go at smashing a few P.B's.
I'm also looking at not training quite as hard as last summer with the hope of staying fresh for longer, if anything I want to stay slightly undertrained.
Steve Way
I reckon he can still improve but might need to follow a Renato Canova type program [only 2 hard days per week]so he can get over his over training!

Ewen said...

Scott, if Steve Way can skirt injuries and overtraining I think he can improve to maybe 2:12-14. He's still young. Jack Foster ran 2:11 at 40-odd didn't he?