Monday 16 May 2011

Sammy Wanjiru Olympic Marathon Champion Dead!

Very Sad News!
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Maybe the guy couldn't quite handle the fame and fortune his running successes brought him!
A great, great Talent!
I leave you with this video of Sammy, one of my favourites!

Sammy Wanjiru: One Of The Best Ever CLICK HERE

Athletics: Great Manchester 10K Run - 2011
Watch Here


Samurai Running said...

You know Rick since you posted that video of Sammy I have returned about 8 times to watch it here. Really love it too.

Yes still don't know what to make of it but it hit me hard probably because .......

Actually don't know why it did but when I do I'll write something. Still, tragic event I feel for Kenya and all his friends and fans around the world.

I'll never forget watching him race last year for the win in Chicago! An his coach reckoned he went into it at 85%. If that is even close to right we have lost a once in a lifetime marathoner!!


Its all very sad Scott, he was an amazing talent, an amazing racer with guts of steel!
24 is way too young to go!
But I guess he did more in his short life than most of us can only dream of.
Rest in peace Sammy!

Ewen said...

He'll be long remembered that's for sure. Beijing was an amazing race.

I tried to watch the 10k but the bloody BBC won't let us convicts watch it!

Grellan said...

Great video Rick. I really thought Sammy would be the one. A great loss.

Like Ewen I remember staying up till 3 in the morning to watch him in Beijing, amazed at what I was seeing.