Monday, 9 May 2011

New Running event for Southport!

Southport Pier 2 Mile Dash (with a twist)

By Andy Hudson

Throughout my running days, I have rarely come across any event in which all competitors have an equal chance of claiming the sole winning prize on merit alone.

I am at the early stages of arranging what I think will be an interesting “one off” evening run to the end and back of Southport’s famous landmark which I believe may be a first.

The pier itself is approximately three quarters of a mile long with a stainless steel obelisk situated at the extreme seaward outpost. As I write this note, Brian Grice is no doubt on his bike measuring an exact mile from the said obelisk to a start/finish point which will no doubt fall on the promenade in the vicinity of the Royal Clifton Hotel.

The plan is to have a mass start with the aim of rounding the obelisk and heading back to the finish area giving an exact two mile circuit.

Ten minutes after the last runner crosses the line, the race will be repeated though this time each runner will be handicapped by the exact amount based on their first performance.

The sole winner will be the person with the lowest combined aggregate of finishing positions, which will avoid the possible scenario of some faster runners having an easy first run to create a favourable handicap, (perish the thought!)

Many handicap races still result in a wide finishing band though if this goes to form we should have all runners entering the finishing straight together.

My discussions with the pier key-holder suggests we may have to schedule this event for a 6-30pm start and would be appreciative of any feedback regarding the above proposals.

This event continues my crusade to put a bit of light hearted fun back into running utilising the fabulous venues that Southport has to offer.

contact Andy on 07909980153


PaulW said...

This sounds like a great idea. My home town of Southend does a handicap pier race that works well. They do have a longer pier though.


Give Andy A text and tell him your thoughts!
Cheers Rick

DocRunner said...

Love the idea - just let me know when

Steve said...

if you do this when the FLower show is on Ill do it