Saturday, 28 May 2011

Hutton Roof Fell Race Results

Photo P1280956.jpg copyright © 2011 Eileen Woodhead
Funny Photo or what :0]

Hi guys here's a quick update on my second race of the week!
The race was part of the clubs Fell running G.P.
After racing all out on Wednesday I decided to enjoy this one and ran a bit below the red line!
To be honest I'm not sure I could have run a whole lot faster maybe 30 sec all so?
Travelled down with Matt, Dosshead, Steve and little Trace, you know it's always good fun travelling and racing with your team mates and we always have a good laugh often at the expense of each other:0]
Most times it's Dosshead and Trace who get most of the leg pulling!
I guess most true 'FELL RUNNERS' would call this race a bit of a 'furry pussy' but to a road and trail junkie like me it's a pretty hard core experience especially the second climb which goes up near vertical all the way up the scree to the top of the mountain, where the only option is to put your hands on your knees and walk and prey!
The Race
Starting in a field we looped round to the old start [ adding over 2 mins to pre 2009 races] then quickly we were onto the first climb.
Dosshead, Steve Mclean and Rob Ashworth pulled away from me as I hopped my way up the rocky path.
Once at the top we ran along the tops, I felt pretty good and relaxed gradually working my way through the runners ahead.
Some steady climbing followed before a very fast downhill track littered with rocks to break an ankle or two.
Round a corner and the real climbing began and the running stopped, my forward progress seemed to come to an almost halt as runners all around me scrambled past.
It seems I'm pretty crap at this vertical climbing lark, maybe I need to do some high bench stepping or something to prepare for this race next year, cause I'm pretty good at runnable climbs!
Half way up this figgin monster of a rock a guy asked me what I thought of my 101 New Balance Trail Racing shoes, between big gulps of oxygen I told him they were really great, very light and flexible with pretty good grip, yeah mate I love them!
Once over the top a smile broke out across my face, I'd conquered my Everest!
More fast downhill followed including jumping down a 6 ft rock cliff drop!
Across a road and onto a narrow dirt trail that pleasantly winds its way up through trees.
I push hard now picking off the guys ahead one by one!
At last we reach the top of the final climb and I follow two guys onto the suicide downhill grass bank, I accelerate and amazingly overtake them both, only to blow it on the tight corner at the bottom.
I lose a place Dam!
I recover, pull up close to the guy in front and wait for the final 200m.
With a brazing kick I pull away and cross the line feeling as fresh as the proverbial daisy!!!
After a quick natter with fellow team mates rob, Dosshead and Steve McLean, oh they finished in that order too!
It was time for the village home-made cakes- scoff-scoff!
Next in for team SWAC was Steve Lewis,Brian, Matty, Andy Hudson and Trace- Wow! Trace had a blinder, Little Trace is pretty scared of heights and rocks and things but ran a super fast 1.09 Amazing!
Seems she went up the scree like Spider-women!

Other SWAC members of note were Carol and Clive along with Vicky and Michelle plus soon to be a club member Paul.
So great day out loved it and feeling goood :0]

Photos and results will be HERE

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Ewen said...

Good photo that one. You're lucky she hasn't got eyes in the back of her behind ;)

Sounds like a fun race, but I'd leave the praying to Ryan Hall.

Samurai Running said...

Yes that photo is a favorite! Is this what you refer to by "Running a bit below the red line!"

Oh dear!


Ewen and Scott thanks, Yes Scott that photo brings new meaning to the phrase 'Below the red line' :0]
Ewen I was praying to the 'Great mountain god of Hutton Roof'!
I don't think Ryan prays to the same God!