Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Harrock Hill Race- Amazing Result! and F**K You!

Wow!, just had an amazing race tonight, running my fastest time for many years at the Harrock Hill Fell Race.

I put this improvement down to a couple of things I've learned in the last couple of weeks!
I will reveal all soon!
I'm really buzzing with the result!!!
Check back here for a full report sooooon!

Rick :0]
Pos'n Race No Time Name Club Category
1 79 32.02 John Morrissey Wigan Phoenix M
2 139 32.31 Andy Buttery Rossendale HarriersM
3 91 32.45 Dominic Raby Chorley Harriers M
4 21 33.31 Luke Betts Chorley AC MU18
5 98 33.37 John Sutton Blackburn HarriersM
6 150 33.59 Paul Muller Horwich M50
7 164 34.32 Alex Foster Astley & Tyldesley M
8 13 35.39 Lee Barlow Wesham M
9 154 35.42 Keith Thomas Burnden RR M50
10 22 35.44 Adam Sciacca Chorley AC MU18
11 78 35.48 Rick Bowker Southport WaterlooM50
12 100 36.36 Andy Lloyd Horwich M40

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Samurai Running said...

Looking forward to hearing about it Rick! Well done!!

Ewen said...

That's great news Rick. Same as what Scott said, although I hate copying the old bastard.

P.S. Tried keeping the hips/chest forward like Earl, but got tired about 6k into it. Just an off day I think.


Thanks Scott, report done!
Ewen keep working on the Earl Fee posture found it really helped in the race :0]
Thanks for comments!

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