Thursday 2 December 2010


Report on the first Torchlight 5K
Racing off road at night is a first for me, i bought a led head touch only the day before, so I'd not even had the chance to try it out.
Running into the park and away from the street lighting I switched on my headlight, switching to full power I was a little disappointed to find the light was not as bright as hoped for, giving off a dull diffused beam!
I'm now looking at upgrading to a much brighter GAMMA head touch as the off road night time bug takes hold!
As I made my way to the start I could make out led lights bobbing up and down around the course.
Anyone not knowing what was happening might have wondered what was going on, maybe a pagon winter festive of lights!
The course was based on my Rubbish 5k which follows 2 laps of gravel trail which twist and turn and rides up and down the short sharp hills of the reclaimed landfill site.
Andy Hudson had persuaded 23 runners to take on the challenge, we lined up at the start which was at top of the hill by the stone circle in nervous anticipation .
Steve [the running man]McLean shot away from the start like a bolting wild horse!
I followed his very bright headlight [he was wearing a very high power custom made head torch] the best I could, my lungs filled with icy cold air which made me struggle for breath!
after 600m we turned left and onto narrow single track, Steve McLean pulles away as young Steve Lewis caught me up on the first steep hill.
I now followed Steve Lewis, the paths were white with frost and snow but pretty grippy!
Next we headed downhill and headed for the wooden bridge.
i struggled to find my way down the drop to the bridge my headlight only giving off a dull beam of light.
Steve flew across the bridge, I worked hard to catch him up then we worked together.
Into the second lap and my legs started to feel better as they warmed up.
I pushed hard now until the bridge where I let young Steve lead the way { i was using and abusing him, letting him lead me through the difficult sections but pushing passed him on the fast parts].
Into the final 1/2 mile I make a break, accelerating away from Steve, up the hill to the finish I feel strong and hold Steve off for second place!
Running in the dark is really exciting, it's like going back to my childhood when I use to play war games with my brothers and friends outside on dark winter nights!
Steve Mclean was first back for the guys and Tracey Peters was first for the girls.
It really was a fantastic event, don't miss the next one!


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Anonymous said...

Hi Rick,

I wore a Gamma last night for the run, my first tim too, and thought it was great. It has loads of different light to choose from, and at £12:50 is a great but.
Cheers, DaveMc.


Thanks Dave, I've orded one CHEERS :]

Samurai Running said...

Let me know when you organise the next" pagon winter festive of lights" I will be there ;)

RICK said...

Will you bring the virgins Scott!

Samurai Running said...

Wish I knew some!

Ewen said...

I'll tweet Ryan Hall and invite him to that festival Scott.

That night racing sounds fun. With a decent light you might be able to move up one step on the podium :)

Cool video on the shoe making. Not a Chinaman in sight ;) If only all shoes were hand-made!