Wednesday 8 December 2010


Caitlin Standifer

catlyynx twittered " just discovered that I shaved one leg twice. brilliant", Caitlin.

Which made me think; strange how its cool to have body hair in some places but not in others!
And then I thought :
What is the latest theory of why humans lost their body hair? Why are we the only hairless primate? ANSWER
There are more puzzling questions like; why do men lose the hair on the top of their heads but grow new hair in their ears and nose?
catlyynx just sent me a great link to answer the above HERE
And are these questions more important than how the universe started!
And who is the man in the wig [see video]!

The Man in the Wig talks HERE


Samurai Running said...

I know that dude! Well I know of him. I recall JRN giving some info on him a while back but can't remember the details. I'm really hairbrained, thesedays.

Talking about "Hair!" You certainly can't be accused of being boring Rick! It's nice that you sometimes "part" with the usual and never simply "brush" over any subject. This blog is starting to "grow" on me!

By the way if you have any idea why "Red heads" are mostly nuts, pleae let me know ;)

Caitlin said...

He's pulling a Katherine Switzer!! Except nobody's stopping him and this time it's funny.

I mean, I know some men envy long, flowing, female hair but this may be going a little too far. ;)


Scott; Well my friend Tracey is a red and she's nuts, but is it the hair that makes her that way;
I've often thought how cool it be to be an elite runner who always runs in a mask.
Imagine, the other runners would be thinking'who the f**k is that' and imagine if you won:]

Ewen said...

He escaped from one of those crazy Japanese game shows! I want Scott to translate the commentary... then I want him to translate the guts of wig-man's blog, which says "to run a marathon in 2:20, jogging is all you need"!


Yes Ewen how to run a 2.20 marathon on just jogging, we need to know more!