Saturday 11 December 2010

Ashurst Beacon Park X/C Result

OK this is how it goes!
ust finished 33rd in the X/C after only 3 hours in bed after a hard night shift.
Felt good on the first short lap but started to fade abit into the 2nd and 3rd laps!
Did not really have the energy to dig really deep, maybe a Redbull might have woken me up a bit.
BUT, I got beaten by Neil, which is not good news [for me] as he only trains once or twice a week!
Well me and Neil have a bit of history, going back quite a few years, he always seems to thrash me in the X/C's but I kick his pants in the summer!
Good course with some steep hills and plenty of mud!

Looking back I had my best run here in 2004 when I finished 22nd in 34.25, back then I'd been running twice a day, 14 hours a week and was in top form!
My aim at the moment is just to keep ticking over on minimal training until I start Training for London next month! RESULTS


Ewen said...

Can't find the results Rick, but I guess it'd be hard to match 2004's time running through a mud-bath after 3 hours' sleep. Looks fun. We've had enough rain lately for courses like that, but sadly it's the track season ;)

Rick said...

This global weather is a bit weird, all I want is your summers in our winters and our summers in our summers! :]