Sunday, 17 July 2011

Harrock Hill Social Run and Meal

Friday 15th
The rain was bouncing off the Farmers Arms car park as we arrived, but this did not put a dampener on proceedings with a good group of runners turning out!

Yes it was raining stair rods but at least it was warm, so after dragging a few people out of their cars we were on our way.
In fact it was good fun splashing through the puddles on the way to the first climb.
little Trace attacked the first hill with a vengeance, opening up a gap which despite my best efforts I had trouble closing.
I felt under pressure as Neil breathed down my back, so I tried to force the pace a little more.
I only managed to claw my way back up to Trace once we reached the really steep single track section, I was really happy when we caught up to the runners ahead and were forced to slow down due to the narrowness of the trail.!
It later transpired that trace had been to a works party and had been drinking glasses of wine in the afternoon, now for most people that would be a recipe for feeling sluggish but not Trace, the alcohol turns her hyperactive!
We regrouped at the top of the climb then headed down through the cow fields to Parbold, with regular stops along the way for everyone to catch up and have a chat.
Some of us had run this race route many times in both racing and in training for others it was there first time tackling the challenging hills of Parbold.
Onto the second climb [The Escalator ] and once again Tracey blasted off, I caught her up with about 100m to go before we hit the top road, with her elbows sticking out she pushed me into the hedge in a Tour De France sprinters style! I just about managed to squeeze past to claim the King of the mountains sprint, but hell that wine really seems to be working for her as I've never seen her run so fast before!
We regrouped again before making our way up towards the ruined windmill at Harrock Hill.

A final suicide downhill then the short uphill sprint into the finish.
I think everyone really enjoyed the evening run over scenic countryside and even the rain stopped before the end of the run!
Exterior Now it was time for a wonderful meal and a great pint of beer in THE FARMERS ARMS with fantastic company-priceless!

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Anonymous said...

glad to see the calf is improving and you are almost back to 100%


Thanks, things seem to by improving fast, cheers.

Grellan said...

Good to see you out competing again Rick - even if it is with a a girl who has had one too many ;).