Friday, 15 July 2011

Blue Skies Running!

Things are improving fast, the darks clouds are blowing away and the sun is shining down once more.
My 2nd visit to the physio went well, she seemed impressed with my recovery so far and has suggested that I might be able to race again in 2 weeks!!!
The moral of my story is if in doubt about how to treat an injury seek professional help as soon as possible.
Under instructions from Sarah Hall I been doing all my fast stuff on grass and keeping off road for my steady runs, this really works well, allowing the injured calf muscle to get stronger without the pounding of the road!
Also as instructed I been stretching the muscle out after each run as well as during the day at regular intervals.
Now this poses an interesting point, over the last few years static stretching has become almost a 'dirty word' yet time and again it does seem to be a very important part of recovery from many injuries!
I have now started back on Marius Bakken's brilliant training plan, the first week called for a session of
7 x [ 60-45-30-15 sec] with 15 sec recovery, with effort level starting at MP-1/2 MP and gradually building up to 10k pace in the later sets.
The second session was 20 x 45 sec with 15 sec recoveries gradually increasing pace on each effort starting at 1/2 MP and building to 10K pace.
Things have gone well so far and the cycle training I did while injured seems to have helped me keep in reasonable shape, maybe the break from running will do me good in the long run, well it pays to be positive right?

dave marsdin (dim)

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