Saturday, 23 July 2011

Cadel Evans Set To Win Tour And Beat The Ugly Sisters!

Now I guess if you live outside the UK you may not understand the concept of the Pantomime ,
But it seems to me like the Schleck brothers
are like the ugly sisters in Cinderella and Cadel is the under dog Buttons!
So it was with great pleasure that today I witnessed Cadel annihilate the
brothers {sisters] grime in the ti
me trial!
If you look at all the years Cadel has been working towards a Tour De France win, all his set backs-injury-illness, well you have to say what a wonderful lesson to us all; Never give up!
Keep pushing, Keep trying and in in the end the nice guy will win out!
Congrats Candel Evans, what a brilliant triumph over adversary!
Figgin Amazing!
Figgin Awesome!
Figgin Yeah!


Samurai Running said...

I'm only patriotic when we win but us Aussies can be good when we try!

Grellan said...

Evans is one Hard Man.

You have to feel sorry for Andy all the same & Thomas (Voeckler that is).