Sunday, 3 July 2011

Cycing and jogging, on the long road to recovery!

Today was the first time I've run in a while where I was able to finish without pain in my calf muscle, it was a very slow run but hopefully a step in the right direction.
Wed and Fri I ran on the road, but found the hard surface aggravated the injury.
After talking to mate Paul (who has had a similar injury in the past] I have decided to stick to off road running for a bit.
Running today with Sarah and Jon on the sandhill 6 went really well, the sand and grass reducing the impact to the calf.
On Saturday I went for a 22 mile steady bike ride to Clieves hill on a beautiful summers day.

To try and keep some fitness going I did out of the saddle hill sprints on Monday and Thursday and did a steady ride on Tuesday.
Along with this I have done core training and weight every day along with regular massage on the calf.
Next week I plan to introduce some easy striding on a grass Rugby pitch and carry on alternating between easy running and hard cycle sessions.
After 4 calf muscles pulls in two weeks I need to be very patient and cautious!

Ride hard to RUN better;

Alex Hutchinson


by7 said...


a totally unrelated request...
how can I find some race near Southampton for the Saturday 3rd September ??
I will be in that area until friday and I might consider to add 1 day if there is a nice race there (never raced in UK...)


Hi Roberto, Road cycling is organized by The British Cycle Federation.
Check out the link to the website, they have lists of all upcoming events.
I found a cycle club in the southampton area which should be able to help you;

Southampton Road Club
34 Victoria Road


SO19 9DX

Road & Track

Ms Linda Cullum

34 Victoria Road


Go-Ride Contact

Mr Dave Harding

34 Victoria Road




Phone (Day):02380443839