Wednesday, 20 January 2010

I decided to get my own back on all the drivers who would not let me use the road and who pushed me onto the the ice rink of a footpath during our recent 'ICE AGE'.

I strapped on my super bright flashing blue led lighted belt for my first road tempo run of the year. this was no normal tempo run you understand this was a varying pace Marius Bakken tempo run.

6 x 4 mins, alternating between 10k and marathon pace with no rest between efforts.
Could I do it? would i end up at the side of the road half way through the session gasping for air!
I did a 5 min warm up then kicked into my session blue lights flashing as I went. at first I found it hard to hold the pace i was looking for but into my second 10k pace effort my legs finally warmed up and i felt strong as the Garmin showed 5.45 pace!
The first car that came towards me dramatically slowed as they tried to work out what i was.
the second car stopped, was I a new type of police vehicle or some sort of U F O, they must have thought! This was cool, respect at last and my very own space on the road.
I was flying now, all thoughts that I might have lost fitness over the last couple of weeks due to the ice and snow vanished as I alternated between 35 min 10k pace and 2.45 Marathon pace.
I finished with two laps of a half mile loop still feeling strong. Marius says if you feel like you can still do another effort then you've got the pace about right, so i was pretty pleased. in the months to come these tempo sessions get longer and harder [ 2 hours plus!].
The day before i ran down to the club fartlek session and back which gave me 2 hours and 7 mins of running. i felt a bit rusty on the half mile efforts, as it was my first really fast run since all the ice and snow

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