Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Another good run and Synchronicity

Set out on a cool night to do another of Marios bakken's sessions, this time i had to run 20 mins at level 3 [ marathon-1/2 mp] followed by 10 x 1 min at level 4 [ 10k pace]The idea of the session is to train the body to handle a fast pace when already tired.
After a warm up i kicked into the tempo run, I was aiming at 6.04 pace as I was only running for 20 mins. the first couple of mins i got that aweful not warmed up feeling that I wouldn't be able to hold the pace, but then my legs warmed up and I settled into a fast but steady effort. my loop has a couple of short hills in the first half with the second half being faster. i was doing sub 6 pace on the way back, I wasn't breathing hard but I did have to concentrate to stop my pace dropping, onto my half mile finishing curcuit and I had 2 mins to go, i was feeling quite strong and finished right on target with 3.29 miles in 20 mins with an average 6.04 pace. Now i had a couple of easy mins jogging before I started 10 x 1 min at 10k pace.
I moved onto some quite back roads then off i charged again, i was looking for 5.44 pace and I found that no problem. I finished my 10th effort and decided to see what i could do if i really pushed it, 5.18 average was the answer for effort no 11, Awesome, I'm very happy with that :]
Mens Nike Zoom Red RocksI did all this wearing my brand new Nike zoom red rock trail shoes!
Well, they only just came through the post, so I had to try them out! I was gutted when my last pair wore out in the summer because no one had them in stock any more, so i was made up when I saw Direct Sports had the mark 2 version [ £38 ] in stock last week, great, great shoe, light, flexible with loads of grip and so comfy too, I love em :]
I also really like the Marius Bakken 2.45 training plan, the sessions change each week and you have target paces to go for, so you feel you've really achieved something at the end of each workout,
Also i think the fact that you never go harder than 10k pace means you don't dig yourself into a hole you can't get out of, my normal way is to push to the limit on each effort, but it can take too long a time to recover from that sort of intensity!

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Also in the post; my internet friend David O'Meara [ The one mile runner] sent me a signed copy of his new book 'Creating Amazement'
cheers David :] I've been really getting into mind training in the last couple of weeks and David's book has lots of answers on how to change your mindset to achieve amazing things, wow! Cool!
I'll do a rewiew of his book once I've read through it.
Ok thats it for now, take care and happy running :]


Ewen said...

You'll have the Police booking you for wearing ugly shoes in public ;)

Another great session Rick. Keep at it and you'll have the mind power of Scott Brown.


I think the shoes are kind of beautiful in a mean kind of way!

CoachTief said...

Good luck in London. I think Bakken's plan is the best thing out there. I hope it works for you.