Monday, 25 January 2010

20.45 miles including intervals before work

Left poor Tess at home looking upset and dejected, sorry girl but this is no run for a barefoot runner, oops i mean bare paw runner!
headed out early onto the roads and ran 7 miles to the club session. we did some drills then hammered out 8 x about 800m. 13 miles were showing on the Garmin by the end of the workout, so I added some extra hill loops on the way home, i finished off with marius Bakken's smart strides, running each one faster than the last.
I was almost home with 19.5 miles so i decided to finish off with a half mile loop near home at marathon pace, kicking into it I went straight past my target pace, I felt fantastic, i was floating along and i didn't want to stop.
But work called, so I finished off at 20.45 miles


Samurai Running said...

Well done Rick!

Don't you love it when it all comes together.

bricey said...

sounds like things on the up. Good session. I'm jealous!! :)


Yes Scott, If only we could record that moment and replay it again at will!
Sorry Bricey you can't yet be back on the road, your time will come!

Grellan said...

Signs look good alright. nice to top a run off with a MP session.

Ewen said...

Good one Rick, but I can't help feeling sorry for poor barefooted Tess.

Next time take your phone with you so you can ring in late for work!


I'll ask tess to ring in for me ewen:]