Saturday, 23 January 2010

Marius Bakken's marathon training plan called for a two and half hour easy run, so Tess and me dually obliged.

We headed out into thick damp mist, there was an errie silence all around, our first port of call was the big sandhills. we could only see about 50 yards ahead as the mist swirled around in front of us, eventually we made it to the pinewoods which looked somewhat mystical in the white mist, it reminded me of a book I read and loved as a child,The Weirdstone of Brisingamen
. we looped round the woods I took Tess up some new paths which twisted and turned through the undergrowth and took us up and down some very steep hills. After 1 1/2 hours I took on board some energy that comes pre-wrapped in a bio-degradable yellow wrapper and only costs a pound for 6!
The banana must have worked because as we came off the sand dunes and hit the road for the final mile i lifted the pace to 6.30 miling and then 6.14 pace towards the end. I'd not felt fantastic during most of the run but that last mile was good :]
Mission accomplished. 2 hours 36 mins

Sun 24th
Easy run with Sarah,Jon and Tess = 1.30
Total for the week = 9 hours 14 min


Ewen said...

Nice run Rick. No mist down here - unless you count the fine mist of dust blown up by the hot westerly winds!

What's the reasoning of following a Marius Bakken marathon plan rather than a Barry Magee one?

gmc said...

I want to know too.

Why the switch,
I thought you were paying
Barry good $money$ ?


Thanks guys for taking an interest in my running :]
i stopped the barry training way back in the summer as it was not working for me, no disrespect to Barry he is a very good coach with many great results to his name.
Why am I following the Marius bakken plan ?
i don't really have the room here to go into all the details now, but i might do a post on that subject in the future, in short i believe it will help my achieve the best possible result!
and your belief is the most important thing at the end of the day, for without it you won't get any where!