Monday, 8 June 2009


Today was my first run following the custom designed training program from Barry Magee.
Barry asked me a lot of questions as regards my past training, health, fitness and future objectives, once he was happy that he had all the info necessary he set about writing up my training for the next couple of weeks.
Todays session was a pyramid fartleck run over mixed terrain with the reminder to "keep the fast efforts relaxed as you have a race on Wednesday".
Found the session quite easy, if I'd set the training myself I'm sure I'd have pushed much harder and run more efforts [ and paid the price on Wednesday!] as bricey said in his comment on my last post " It's often good to get an external perspective."

Route Sandhill 6
Pyramid fartlek -- 30-60 -120-180-120-60-30 - 15 secs with
recovery jogs between
Finished with some easy aerobic running to give a total of 1 hour 16 mins
Tue 9th
Nice easy aerobic run [ as instructed] with tess over the sandhills,
enjoyed the late afternoon sunshine as we
meandered over the gentle dune paths, cool! = 1.04


Samurai Running said...

All the best with the coaching Rick. If he can explain to you why he is asking you to do this or that to your satisfaction then you should do what he asks to the letter and see positive results down the road.

Ewen said...

That's exciting. I agree with Scott - do exactly what Barry says - if anyone can get you down to 2:46, it's him! Give him lots of feedback.

Good luck on Wednesday.


Thanks guys,
I have 100% confidence he is the best man for the job!