Saturday, 13 June 2009

18 mile, 1900 ft of climbing, Arthur Lydiard hill run, GETTING STRONGER

My home town is very flat apart from the many sand dunes along the coast, so to get a good long hill run in I have to travel a good 14 miles to Parbold out in the country and the first real hills, but I think its worth the weekly trip!
This was my 4th Arthur Lydiard type long hill run [ I'd already run 3 before starting Barry's training program this week], Barry was happy with this session and told me I could take it out to 2.30 if I wanted! It was quite warm and sunny as I set off, first Stoney lane [ very steep at the start and end but more steady in the middle, its exactly 1 mile long and my p.b. for this climb is 7.17], then back down the quarry path and then on to Hunters hill [ steady at the start but rises up like a volcano from half way] once over the top [there were some great scenic views to be seen today] I made my way over the fields following the Harrock hill course, next was Parbold and after a very long climb over the fields and dirt paths I made my way up and over Harrock hill and passed the ruins of the old windmill, a quick blast down through the cow fields and then over the Harrock hill race finish line, but I was not done yet, I took a left and climbed the notorious Hunters Hill for a second time, then carried on along the rd, I then looped round on the road [ this road is awesome, its a fantastic roller coaster ride where you can work on your leg speed as you come down the gentle descents] after a couple of miles I turned left and climbed Harrock hill up along a narrow picturesque lane and finally headed for home. I was pleased to find my average pace has improved by 7 secs per mile compared to a few weeks ago, I did start to feel tired towards the end, most probably due to dehydration, but I held my pace together much better, feeling more aerobically strong! 18 miles, 1900ft climbing, easy-steady pace, = 2.17
Sunday 14th
Easy run over sandhills with Tess on a beautiful summers early evening = 1.12
First week of Barry's training has done very well.
Next week I am running a half marathon and my training includes a 5k tempo run and a hill session!

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Ewen said...

That's great news Rick. Sounds like a perfect Lydiard-style 18 miler. Well done!