Sunday, 21 June 2009


Ron Hill @ <span class= Five of us made the trip to the oldest half marathon in the country, RON HILL still holds the course record of 1 hour 4 mins set back in 1964, he was here today to run his last ever half marathon [ at 70 even legends have to ease up a bit!].
Setting off fro
m the playing fields we sprinted off on a 1 mile hilly circuit of the village, I was in for a shock as I came up to the first mile marker, 5.39 on the watch! way to fast for my current fitness level, I would pay the price latter on!
The route heads out over the rolling countryside and by 5 miles I started to blow, dropping b
ack from the group I was in, I had to back off recover and slowly re find my rhythm.
Up to 9 miles I was running on my own until A guy came alongside me, this was enough to spur me on and I went to the front and pushed on harder, he stayed with me until 12 miles when I put the boot in and charged for home!
I finished with my fastest time in 5 years and my thanks must go out to Barry
Magee, I think there is still a lot of improvement still to come!
A week last Sunday I caught a virus off my wife and felt very ill at work, Monday I ran 3 x 1 mile but my legs felt empty and the fastest I could manage was 5.38, Wed I had a great 5 k and Friday was a session of short hill sprints on the steep sandhills which I really enjoyed!
Things are progressing nicely!

p.s. just remembered I went off course [ my own fault] just before 9 miles and got called back by the marshal, losing the few precious seconds that would have given me a 80 min half and explains why the Garmin shows 13.18 miles!
RON HILL on running training and life at 70


Thomas said...

Congratulations on winning the geezer category!

Ewen said...

Ron Hill looks damn good for 70. Don't know why it's his last half though - there are people much older running marathons.

Nice race for yourself and Barry. 81 is moving!


thanks, would have been a 80 but ran off course [ my own fault].
yes Ron was looking good with his new short hair cut!

bricey said...

nice time

Michael said...

Congratulations on the half marathon, well done! Rest, recovery and get back out there... enjoy!

Samurai Running said...

Yes, that's a fast half Rick! It's great what a coach can do for ones confidence.

Thanks for your recent comments.