Thursday, 19 February 2009


Occupation;Ambulance-Driver- Paramedic

Paul ran a p,b. of 81
mins for the half marathon when he was in his 20's, after a long layoff Paul got back into running last year. Now he is training for the LONDON MARATHON, and religiously following the Runners World sub 3.15 schedule
he has now increased his weekly mileage from a poultry 25 miles up to 49 miles and his improvement is quite impressive!

I said i would accompany him on his 1st 20 mile run, heading off from
Birkdale within a mile we were running over the roller coaster sandhills to woodvale then following the roads North through Ainsdale, and on to Southport. Once we got to bentham's way we took the trail path through the reclaimed tip, then on to Tesco ,High park, Churchtown and Crossens before a final 5 miles alo
ng the sea wall into a stiff headwind. Paul asked me to speed up to his hoped for marathon pace [7.20] over the final 5 miles, taking into account the headwind we pretty much achieved the target pace until the end!
Out of interest Paul I did the same run with Tracey[ inc the 5 miles fast at the end] last march and she ran 2.53 [ she ran London in about 3.30]. Anyway Paul finished strongly but his legs definitely knew they'd done a long one!
20 miles at 8.05 pace,= 2.41

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