Saturday, 7 February 2009


Sat 7 th
My marathon training continues in earnest, today mad dog [ she was kicking sand in my face as usual] and me blasted the big sand dunes for an impressively whopping 2 hours 46 mins
Fri 6th
There was a freezing wind blowing which turned my feet into solid blocks of ice after only a couple of mins running, gradually increasing the pace throughout my run, the 6.13 av pace doesn't really tell the whole story as I was really hammering the last mile redlining at over 11 mph at the end!
3 miles at 6.13 pace
Thur 5th
10 x 150 m leg speed session plus steady run = 1.16
Wed 4th sandhills easy = 1.25
Tue 4th
Fartleck session, 9 x hard efforts, 300 - 800m
Ran down to Ainsdale at 9.2 mph av with a nagging freezing easterly wind on my side, No Brian to take the session so they nominated me to take charge and crack the whip! [ RIGHT YOU SLACKARDS , ITS TIME FOR SOME 'SERIOUS' STREET ACTION!!!].
The fast boys were out tonight, Rob, Mark and Paul so the pace was pretty hot, ran back with Rob then added some extra loops at marathon pace! = 2.06

Mon 3rd
Ran to college and back for a grand total of 19.46


Thomas said...

That's some seriously impressive training. Don't burn yourself out.


Yes, RECOVERY from my training is an important issue and I hope that taking an easy week once per month will address this problem!