Monday, 23 February 2009


Yes that's right I set a new world record for running from my house to college and back, well ok maybe it was just a new p.b. in fact each week I've shred abit of time off, 23 mins in Nov down to 17.56 tonight, not that I am really trying !
Anyway tonight we took the theory test for being a level two fitness instructor [ I want to go on and get level 3 so I can be a personal trainer!].
Part one was on bones and joints, you needed 10 out of 15 to pass this section. This turned out to be my weak spot and I think I got at least 3 or 4 wrong, hopefully not more!
Section 2 was on muscles and muscles actions & energy systems,
Section 3 cardiorespiratory system and finally section 4 components of fitness and principles of training, I was strong on the last 3 section and reckon on getting 90 % right, but that first section is bugging me, did I do enough or will I have to resit! Dam I've got up to two week to wait for the results! AAAGH!!!
Running back from college I went through the pedestrianized area of Chapel st, up ahead was a group of drunk yobs who when seeing me broke out into jeering and abuse! I've become immune to this sort of behavior after 15 years of running! I ran straight through them as if they were not there, the laughter and jeering faded into the quiet night air as I got into the zone and smoothly flowed along!.
Half a mile later as I ran down a narrow alleyway a man staggered in front of me, this time it was not just drink but drugs that had got the better of him! I side stepped him as he muttered into the gutter! I was quickly back into my pace, my zone, running free, away from all this madness, of what once was, just a sleepy seaside town!

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