Sunday 14 December 2008


After getting ill a week last Saturday, I spent the Sunday and Monday with aching muscles and sore throat. I had a day off on Monday before getting back into my running on Tuesday, I ran down to the club session at my fastest over cruising speed thanks to GRAVITY RUNNING but felt a bit flat once we started the fartlek session thanks to my lingering illness.
In fact because Brian was ill I was given charge of the group and under Brian's orders I had them run 3 loops with 3 efforts each lap, it seemed to go well and everyone said they enjoyed the run.
Paul was flying [ it might be because he's been practicing GRAVITY RUNNING since I sent him the e book 'JUST UNDO IT' anyway it took a 4.50 paced effort at the end to beat him !
Running home I felt drained but still took the long way home to give me 2 hours
Wed 10th I ran easy over the big sand dunes with no problems, because of a X/C race on Saturday I made this into a long run of 1 h 49 mins
Thur 11th LEG SPEED SESSION I cut the session down to 6 x 160m as I felt drained and was coughing in the damp air. = 34mins
Fri 12th Core training
Sat 13th BLACKPOOL X/C after very heavy rain the course was flooded in places and quite muddy. I was holding my own for the first lap but ran out of energy on the second and final lap [ thanks to the virus I think] I did pull myself together over the last mile, but overall I could have done better given a clean bill of health! In the evening we enjoyed the club Christmas dinner with 40 or so members turning up, very good event!
Sun 14th Fartelk run over the sandhill 6 with Sarah and Jon boy 1.05


Thomas said...

One thing I learned this year is that you should not race at all if you've got a virus. Be careful.



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