Saturday 22 November 2008

Jack Nirenstein Gravity Run

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It took a bit of persuading to get Niz to run this afternoon, strong gusting winds and squally showers and hell stones made for a tough time out on the sandhill 6. Niz is training for a X/C next Saturday and I was impressed how well she coped with the atrocious conditions. Jon, Niz and myself finishing the run in the dark, happy to get back to the warmth of the car. = 1.03

Sat 22nd long steady gravity run over the big sandhills with mad dog! = 2.02
Fri 21st fast steady run =32 mins
Thur 20th Robs session = 1.03
plus gym work out
Wed 19th easy run sandhills = 1.20
plus run with Niz = 34 mins
Tue 18th Club session hills = 1.46
Mon 17th core training

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