Monday 3 November 2008


Its as if I've only just learn't to run!
I'm so excited about my running since I started using the techniques from the
I even decided to go running straight after a very heavy night shift, once I was warmed up I was amazed how easy it was for my to hold marathon and faster pace! I'm getting so much more power into each stride now, its incredible!
10 x 150m leg speed session = 43 mins
Tue 4th Ran down to CLUBS FARTLEK SESSION then ran back , felt very strong, but tired on the way home= 1.38
Wed 5th BIG SAND DUNES with mad Dog = 1.37
Thur 6th Went running in the morning and man its so warm for this time of year, sweating in just a teeshirt and shorts. Took a flatter route over the sand dunes, running at a easy steady pace.
MAD DOG accompanied me, she decided to roll over in some dog SHIT, oh man what a terrible smell, YOU DIRTY DOG! = 1.00

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