Thursday 16 October 2008


Thanks Mike for your question on yesterdays post, i thought it was worth replying here as its a pretty interesting subject;
Blogger Mike said...

Wow Rick, that's really impressive. Do you find that you're putting in more miles nowadays than say 8-9 years ago or is it about the same?

15 October 2008 22:55

Blogger RICK'S RUNNING said...
Hi MIke, I've tried many different types of training over the years,i can see that from looking at my training logs that the years when i put in a high mileage base are the years i ran best.

After 15 years running and before that 10 years cycle racing I'm happy to say that a high mileage type program works best for me and the times when my running has gone downhill are when i have moved into intense interval training and low mileage.
On aging and performance; at 30 i thought I had peaked out and started to lose interest in the sport of cycle racing, at 33 i took up running, at 39 i had a great year but then had 2 indifferent years, I thought I had gone passed my best, but then I increased my mileage and then went on to set new p.b.s over all distances from 5k to marathon at age 42-43.
I did not really know about lydiards methods until last year.
i started training his way last summer 2007 and went on to have an awesome winter and spring, getting close to my best! but I blew it this summer by over doing the anaerobic stuff! I found Lydiard was right to say you only need 5 weeks of intense intervals.
I now intend to follow Lydiards program for masters starting in November as I want to run a great London marathon.

Thanks for your comment Mike , taking into account that you are only just getting back into running you should have many years of improvement ahead of you, enjoy!

16 October 2008 00:51

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