Tuesday 14 October 2008


Here I am running in the pouring rain, splashing through inch deep puddles and fighting a nagging wind that breaks my rhythm and soul, I go through the 1/4 in 79 secs, but now I'm into the head wind , trying to stay relaxed and at the same time push close to my limits. the 1/2 mile comes in 2.42, round the corner and I have the wind on my back, accelerating hard out the bend i desperately try to increase my pace up to 12 mph, I glance at the Garmin at 3/4 distance [ 4.07]. I gather myself for the final assault, squeezing every last bit of energy out of my legs, sprinting into the wind all the way to the finish line, 5.29 ! Oh well, not exactly the confidence booster I was looking for, but under the conditions am not sure if it was good or bad!
This time last year I was 6 weeks into my ARTHUR LYDIARD base training and feeling really strong, this year I've run two marathons and run a hard summers race campaign which left me tired and burned out, I would dearly love to race well on Sunday in the local 10k, but i think am much in need of rebuilding my base, before I can ever think of running to a good level again!
3 x 1 mile, 1st mile steady 6.01, 2nd mile hard 5.29, 3rd mile fast relaxed 5.52 = 45 mins
I went to the gym with Niz and after going round all the weight machines i ended up on the treadmill! with the grade set to 2% I got up to an impressive 11 mph, I was thinking this felt remarkably easy when i realized it was in fact set for kph, oops!!

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Grellan said...

That's great to hear Rick. The furure looks bright for all us over 40's.