Wednesday 15 June 2011

RUBBISH 5K Results June 2011

1. 18.19 S McLean

2. 18.34 S Lewis

3. 18.55 N Adshead

4. 18.57 A Hudson

5. 19.10 R Bowker [blown calf muscle,again]

6. 19.11 R Johnson

7. 19.42 M Nelson

8. 19.51 K Lunt

9. 19.58 S Tobin

10. 20.03 P Talbot

11. 20.10 B Davey

12. 20.42 P Ashby

13. 20.43 N Silcock

14. 20.52 P Warriner

15. 21.01 T Peters First Lady

16. 21.02 R Cosgrove

17. 21.10 G Williams

18. 21.18 T Williams

19. 21.19 S Cooper

20. 22.03 Rob

21. 22.22 E Sherstone

22. 22.22 Jen Boothby

23. 22.38 Steve James First M 70 'NEW AGE GROUP COURSE RECORD'

24. 22.44 Carol James

25. 22.45 M Tobin First Junior Boy

26. 23.04 A Shandley

27. 23.12 Lauren Dean First Junior girl

28. 23.23 Vicky Harvey

29. 24.02 Paul Newell

30. 24.08 Rachel Thomas

31. 24.11 Paul Stewart

32. 25.00 Carol Wright

33. 26.11 Jane Blacklin

34. 26.12 Donna Spencer

35. 26.18 Sue Stewart

36. 26.21 Mel

37. 26.30 B Grice

38. 27.18 Suzanne Lalley

39. 27.18 Don Wilkinson

40. 28.00 Elaine Sutton

41. 28.02 Steve Parks

42. 28.15 Gill Gillison

43. 28.28 Jon Singleton

44. 28.50 Sarah Reynolds

45. 28.54 Sheila Marshall

Congrats to everyone who took part.

SPECIAL Thanks go out to DAVE for route markers, ROB for time keeping, BRIAN results, NORMAN for marshalling and everyone that took part or helped on the night.

NEXT EVENT on Wed 20th of July

Prizes will be given to the most improved Male and Female who run in the JUNE-JULY and AUGUST races.

Report to follow Soon.


Anonymous said...

sorry about the calf rick, hoping that it's nothing serious?

Ewen said...

You were going for a podium finish Rick? Save your kicking tactics until it's 100% cured or you'll end up buggered and limping like Scott Brown.

Samurai Running said...
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Samurai Running said...

Yes Rick shame about the calf. Hope your man can get you out at least training soon.

I've just been looking at the "Trigger Point Massage" site and was thinking about buying some things the DVDs and books liik good, what do you think would work for me here and what kind of equipment should I get?

Fix this for me and I'll introduce you to as many single girls from here as you'd like ;)


Scott, an offer I can't refuse ;0]
If you are serious about treating yourself then I guess the Ultimate 6 kit and video would be the one to go for.
They are not cheap, but if you use it every day (a must to recover and regain muscle balance]then I guess it's worth it.

The leg held out until 1/2 mile to go, I was still just in 1st place at the time, but expected team mate Steve to use his track speed to out kick me!
hopefully it will fully heel soon, calf muscles can be tricky things to fully recover, it had felt 100% in a track session on Monday so I thought it could handle the race!