Tuesday 2 March 2010

2 hour 10 min Monster tempo run

I could still feel the race in my legs on yesterdays club fartlek session, so i was not to sure how today's Marius Bakken's mega tempo run would go!

Setting out a 1pm on a sunny but still cool day I wore my shorts and a cycle thermal top.
The first 30 min were to be run at 7.33 pace, I reached 30 mins of running with an average pace of 7.30 , now without a break I had to run the next 20 mins at 6.18 pace, I speeded up but my legs did not feel right, my technique felt all wrong and the next 3.15 miles was a bit of a struggle which reflected in my 6.21 pace, just off my target.
without rest i eased back down to 7.26 pace for the next 30 mins before speeding up again for another 20 mins at marathon pace, this time i felt much better and all of a sudden I got my running form back, knee's driving forward i relaxed my legs and ankles, pulled my abs in and pushed my butt forward.
Everything started to flow along and I averaged 6.20 pace for this 20 min segment.

Without rest I had to speed up to 10k effort [ 5.44 pace] for the next 10 mins.
Marius said don't worry If you find this hard!!!
Now running on the back roads near home I pushed to 5.44 pace on the straights but was losing speed on the many tight corners, finishing on a half mile loop feeling quite good but missing my target with 6.04 pace for the 10 mins,.
I finished with 20 mins at 7.31 pace taking in Victoria park on my relaxed finishing Cruise.
Man that was tough, think I'll take it very easy now until my weekend 3 hour run, definitely need some recovery time so I can feel fresh again !
30 mins 7.30pace-20 mins 6.21 pace-30 mins 7.26 pace-20 mins 6.20 pace-10 mins 6.04 pace and 20 mins 7.31 pace, all with no rest between = 2 hours and 10 mins
Mon 1st March
club fartlek session
Ran down and back inc 6 x pyramid loops at 10k plus pace = 2.01

Podcast with Boston Marathon winner
Salina Kosgeihttp://www.worldvisionreport.org/sp_images/kenyan-runner-salina-kosgei_443x265.jpg


Samurai Running said...

I'm going to have to take look at this coach of yours Rick. Seems to be moving you forward.

Stay healthy and get the the line in London in on piece and good things might happen ;)

Thomas said...

He said don't worry if you find this hard?

No shit, man!

Ewen said...

You managed that session well Rick. Coaching from Marius seems to be moving your forward. You might manage to surpass Scott Brown's PB ;)

Thanks for the podcast link - listening to it now.

Ewen said...

I meant 'moving you forward' ;)


Thanks Scott, I think if I can lose more weight 2.45 might be possible.
Thomas you should see some of my planned sessions to come [ i wish I'd not looked] 40 mins at 7.33pace, 40 mins 6.48 pace and 40 mins at faster than 6.18 pace all none stop without rest!
Ewen, getting close to Scott's marathon time would be awesome [ a life time achievement] it all rests with my power to weight ratio, last year I was 11st 8 lb, right now I'm 11 stone 2lb, looking for another 4 lb lose by the big day.

Dave from Running Tips said...

I can't wait to see how well you do in London. I think Marius Bakkens Marathon Plan is the most innovative program out there.