Thursday, 21 May 2009


TUE 19th
I had not run here since 2003 when I ran 27.39, today I was hoping for sub 29 at least!

From the start I quickly got into a good group, we were moving along pretty fast but by the end of the first lap I got blown out the back as my legs gave way, 2 miles in 11 mins.
Now I was on my own and having to face the uphill section into the wind all on my own, up ahead I saw Dave Edwards of Liverpool Running club drifting off the back of the group I'd been in. This gave me something to concentrate on and I worked hard to catch him!
I got renewed confidence as I passed him , another Runner got blown out the back of the group and I now had a new challenge of catching him too, I pulled up to him and hoped he could work with me but I soon found myself moving away. 3 miles 17.03, I was feeling ok at this point and a sub 29 looked well on the cards as I started my final lap, but once I hit the headwind and uphill my wheels came off! Glancing at the Garmin showed I was crawling at 9 mph! After what seemed like a life time I reached the highest point on the course and now had a welcomed downhill towards the finish. I tried to sprint the final 100m but my post marathon legs were well shot!
I've got another 5 miler in a couple of weeks,
lets hope I can run closer to 28.30 !


Wed 20th
1 mile warm up at m.p. pace 6.18, 1 mile hard 5.32, 4 x 1/4 mile 76, 76, 76, 75 = 42 mins
Thur 21
Big sandhills with Tess, enjoyed the run, easy aerobic pace = 1.38



gmc said...

I think you mean 4 x 400m @ 76 secs.
and not 4 x 800m ?

That would give you 3 miles total.

I run this kind of session in reverse.
Fast going to slow.

Good result in the 5 but you were
still (only) 3rd v45. Liverpool must
be tough running country.


OPPS! yes 76 sec for 1/2 would be impressive! [ now corrected, thanks].
I think without the marathon still some what lingering in my legs I might have run to a higher v 45 position, I quite like to improve my speed throughout my interval sessions, hope it might teach my body to run faster as I get more knackered!

Ewen said...

27:39 was a good run! I reckon you're still justified in blaming the marathon. Sub-29 can't be too far away.

Jim said...

You weren't happy??!! I once ran 25.56 on this course (ok a long time ago in 1994) and had hopes of running sub 30min (nothing too ambitious eh?) - First mile passed in 5.50 but felt a lot faster so i knew i was in trouble. I had no excuse to drop out so dug in but just got slower and slower ending up with 32.12. Next to that your 29.07 so pretty damn good. Hope to be closer to you7 next time. Cheers