Tuesday 23 December 2014

Final Torchlit Tip 5K Race report And Results

Enthusiastic attendances speak volumes!  This gathering has certainly
not struggled with numbers even in unfavourable conditions.

A throwback to those numerous memorable socials of the eighties with
the emphasis on fun (you remember that word right!) rather than
restrictive red tape.

Wednesdays Christmas meeting saw a bumper turnout of 39 runners and a
very healthy array of much valued helpers and spectators.

Universally embraced (well almost) both Rick’s Summer Series and the
Torchlit runs have proved a massive success highlighted by the
comprehensive spreadsheet kindly compiled by Brian Grice.

With Dave Aspinall as acting timekeeper (Neil Rothwell partying!) red
hats in abundance, several very impressive full Santa outfits and
those cheesy festive background tunes, the 39 bobbing lamps bobbed off
into the darkness confusing the police helicopter circling above.

With no fallers, lost participants or reports of a single rabid dog,
Rob McGrath bobbed home in a bobbing fashion in an impressive 18:11
perhaps being thankful the pre-race favoured mother of two was a no

The ladies were led home by Clare Constable in 20:22 on a much
welcomed return to the tip.

Quality mementos for all those who attended, this was indeed a
memorable evening and one I would personally like to dedicate to Chris
who was a great supporter of all occasions and will be missed very much.

On a final note it has been a pleasure seeing the Torchlit series
bloom over the past few years and extend my thanks to all who have
participated or helped in any way.

As the saying goes “never say never” but for January I must compose
myself for an important wedding day!

Best wishes,

Andrew & Vicki

 Torchlit Tip 5k Results

1              Rob McGrath                     18:11

2              Jason Walker                     18:30

3              Steve McLean                   19:03

4              Matthew Tobin                 19:06

5              Simon Tobin                       19:47

6              Rick Bower                          20:07

7              Terry Bolland                     20:10

8              Andrew Hudson                               20:22

9              Mike Leatherbarrow      20:23

10           Keith Lunt                           20:27

11           Clare Constable                20:32

12           Matthew Nelson              20:37

13           James Brooker                  20:57

14           Paul Talbot                          21:27

15           Neil Silcock                          21:40

16           Rob Cosgrave                    21:54

17           Tracey Peters                    22:05

18           David Alty                            22:37

19           Ed Sherstone                     22:44

20           Robbie Trecarichi             22:48

21           Steven Owens                  22:59

22           Phil Foster                           23:08

23           Joel Green                          23:23

24           Paul Dewhurst                  23:30

25           Steve Flannigan                                23:40

26           Ian Fitzpatrick                    24:01

27           Liam O’Brien                      24:04

28           Don Wilkinson                   24:43

29           Hugo Kearsey                    25:07

30           Carol James                        25:14

31           Sue Cooper                        26:02

32           Mary O’Brien                     27:50

33           Helen Rigg                           28:15

34           Sue Stewart                       28:24

35           Amanda Bradbury           28:47

36           Carol Wright                       29:08

37           Sarah McGrath                  31:57

DNF       Ashley Strom


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