Saturday 13 July 2013

Mad Dogs And English Men Go Out In The Mid Day Sun!

As Tess has retired from running [she is now 11.5 human years old [87 dog years!] it was left to me and Stevie Lewis to hit the Parbold-Ashurst Beacon trail! This was our 3rd run here, last week we smashed the course record but now as the full summer heat radiated upon us it was a matter of survival! On the first climb of stoney Lane we stayed together but the real action started on the climb of Hunters Hill! This is a brutal climb for sure! As we hit the super steep section 3/4 of the way up Stevie pulled past me and it took all my efforts to hang on then sprint ahead before the top! This is amazing improvement from Stevie after long term injury ;0] Onto the 3rd 2 mile climb up Ashurst Beacon and I half expected Stevie to to leave me behind! But maybe the heat and his lack of of endurance training was starting to show. I got into a pace that felt hard but sustainable and was slightly surprised that I pulled away from Stevie! I pushed on up the 4th climb of fairy Glen and finished with a fast descent down Parbold hill for a very HOT 14 Miler! I did read that running in the HEAT made you stronger1


Ewen said...

Good run you mad dog! I see it's been "hot" over there. Well, 31 isn't that hot. 40 is hot!

Sorry Tess has retired at 87. I'm inspired by the 91-year-old bloke setting world records. Just have to keep my half marathon time under 2:56 over the next 35 years ;-)


amazinly Ewen we are having a Summer!
After last years wash out running in the midday sun feels hot to me!
Yeap Tess was still running strong in Jan-Feb but old age hit her hard in the last couple of months!
After she got into distress on a month ago I decided to pull a plug on her running!
Well about from us running round the block which she still really enjoys :0]

Samurai Running said...

Yes sorry Tess has retired I know you guys shared some great runs.