Friday, 18 January 2008

visit to the chiropractor

after increasing sciatic pains down my legs i made a visit to see Dr scott fullwood at the birkdale chiropractic clinic.after scott twisted my upper body one way and my lower limps the other way there were some very loud cracking sounds coming from my spine as he realigned it. the improvement was almost back and legs felt relaxed and the pain almost gone.
i tend to pay scott fullwood a visit once or twice a year before things get really bad.i think of it like getting your car serviced or having a M.O.T.
a friend recommended that i see a chiropractor after the sciatic pains were so bad in my legs that walking was very painful and running impossible. that was ten years ago and after seeing scott twice i was running almost pain free, he has since seen me through 5 marathons and ten years of running. phone southport 569695

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