Tuesday, 22 January 2008


Track & Field
Sports Hall Athletics
Southport Waterloo AC
Thanks go out to RON SCOTT club secretary for southport waterloo a/c for giving me a link on there web site, it now means i should receive many more visitors.
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Another recovery day, another rainy night, i headed along the coastal road past the pier in the dark,the street lights run out at this point and i now had only the flicking head lights of passing cars to guide me on my way. out of the darkness a bench or post would appear and i would have to make a sudden change of direction, scary stuff ! i made it round the lake and back to the safety of the street lights. back along the prom onto the old club interval route, onwards to selworthy rd and past famous footballers houses and up the hill, still feeling tired after the 4 villages 1/2 marathon so i head for home. = 1.08

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