Sunday, 6 January 2008

running with brian and tracey

both brain and Tracey are newish runners to the club,joining early last summer.its great to see there excitement and fresh enthusiasm ,both are planning on running there first marathons this coming spring.
it was a pleasure to show them some of my training routes over the sand dunes this morning.
we reached the big dipper and were rewarded with excellent views of the surrounding landscape inc views of Blackpool and the dark mountains of north whales .
after coming off the sandhills we headed through vic park and on to kings gardens then back over the new bridge,returning along the felt almost like spring what with the bright sun shine and the colour of the winter bedding flowers in the gardens of the prom.we finished with a relaxed 1. 40 of running.
decided to take mad dog tess out for a run round the old tip in the afternoon,this gave me over 2 hours of running for the day. = 21 mins
in the evening i did a short run round the block with niz, she ran it a minute faster than on monday.wish i could make that sort of improvement! this was my 3rd run of the day.

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