Sunday, 27 January 2008

Arthur Lydiards infamous 22 mile waitakere mountains run

On Saturday i ran with rob round parbold and ashurst beacon for a total of 1800 ft of climbing, inc 4 main climbs, the longest of which is ashurst beacon at over 2 miles of uphill.
we ran for 15 miles and over the coming weeks we are planning to build up to 22 miles as in Arthur Lydiards infamous waitakere Mountains [ see graph above ] run.which included 1650 ft of ascent.
at the moment rob and me are fairly equal in fitness but almost 20 years ago rob ran 1.19 in his first ever 1/2 marathon, what is remarkable is that rob did this on only ten weeks of training, an impressive start and it shows that he has a lot of natural talent. he went on to run 1.15 a few years latter on very little mileage.
Now on the come back trail it will be interesting to see if rob can get close to that 1.15 1/2 marathon time.
after our 15 mile run we took sarah and niz on a run along the canal bank then up the fearsome quarry climb [ as used in the Ashurst Beacon Fell race ] coming out at the top of parbold, we then decended back down to parbold village. Sarah is in training for the up coming parbold hill race on the 16th feb, so this run should have done her the world of good !

sun 27 easy long run with brian 1..55 total for the week = 9.21

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