Thursday, 24 January 2008

leg speed
ARTHUR LYDIARD'S leg speed session
MAX15MPH then easy run home.
Arthur lydiard recommends doing this session year round, since started this session i have noticed a good improvement in my leg speed, not only through the length of the race but also at the end, like in last weeks 4 villages 1/2 marathon a guy came passed me with a 100m to go,so i kicked hard and left him in my dust or should i say mud as the finish was on very wet grass.
in the past i would have been last in a group finishing sprint, not anymore thanks to mr Lydiard.
note, check out my article on leg speed dated thur 29th nov for more details on this leg speed session. =1. 06

wed 23rd
steady run over the big sandhills, putting in some effort up each sand dune, legs were flagging by the end, still not fully recovered from the weekend 1/2 marathon. = 1.36

ran with niz on STORMING NORMAN'S club session, niz is building up for the easter 4 mile races.
=42 mins

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