Thursday, 17 January 2008

parbold hill, running to the top

wed 16

steady run round parbold and harrock hill on the road.4 big hills plus many smaller ones,finished with the famous parbold hill.
felt stiff at first but started feeling better as i got tnto the run.started with the climb up stoney lane,this is very steep at the bottom and again near the top with a steady uphill in the i ran the road loop round to harrock hill,this is great fun a roller coaster ride up and down some gentle hills,i worked at maintaining my speed up each rise then flowing down hill picking up speed. i take a left turn and head up harrock hill a short steep climb up the tree lined lane.a very steep down hill follows and then i head onwards along a flatter road before turning onto jackson lane and the start of the infamous hunters hill, gentle climbing leads into a very steep second half of the climb,i work at maintaining a high knee lift and fast leg turn i reach the summit i start to sprint over the crest to pick up maximum mountain points,this climb is used by many local cycle clubs for hill climb championships and the tour of lancs has come over this hill in the past,you can still see the white line painted on the road marking the top of the climb.i head back down stoney lane at speed then climb up parbold hill,the steepest part is in the middle just past the church,slowing down to 5 mph before i start picking up my speed as the hill easies towards the top,a final sprint and i reach the top.a quick glance at the panaonic views before a quick dash back down to the village. = 1.27
photo one; parbold hill; the long slog starts
photo two; almost at the top

run with niz in the evening,club run =44 mins

thur 17
leg speed session =37 mins

fri 18
easy run with niz over the sandhills, very mild today after the morning rain. felt good to be out.taking it easy because of the four villages half marathon on sunday.

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