Thursday, 10 January 2008

running 2 the top, hill climbing technic

the following should help you when racing or training up hills
as you start the hill shorten your stride and keep your legs turning over fast.
the steeper the hill gets then the shorter your stride must be,but keep the same fast leg speed going,this is far more efficient than trying to maintain a longer stride.
think of yourself like a car changing gear to keep at the most efficient revs .
run tall keep your spine pulled upwards.
don't lean forward from the waist [ this will cause back pain ] but lean your whole body forward into the hill keeping your center of gravity over the ball of your leading foot.
raise your knee a bit higher to counter the raising gradient.
when reaching the top start to push hard over the crest of the hill and pick your speed up again.,most runners start to relax near the top and you can gain precious time on them.
keep a positive frame of mind think of the hill as a challenge and not something to dread !

i have to travel 14 miles to reach the first big hills,but i think it is worth it.hills are great in the winter for improving your power and strength and long climbs are fantastic for training at your anaerobic threshold

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