Sunday, 6 January 2008

merseyside cross country championships

i had decided to use this race as a good training workout,i had put in 3 long runs this week so was not really expecting a good result.
i travelled down to the race with brian and tracey.tracey's race started first and she put in a good run to finish 9th and help the women win team gold.
i walked some of the course with brian and i thought it looked easy,how wrong could i be !
setting off i quickly seemed to be moving backwards,the short sharp hills seemed to hit you in a relentless fashion followed by short patches of very sticky mud and then a strong headwind.
lots of negative thoughts seemed to pass through my mind when i looked at my watch to see that the 1st of 3 laps passed in 15 mins,what a long tough lap it had been!
i pulled myself together and tried to relax,thinking this was very good training for the half marathon in a couple of weeks.
i did not have much gas in the tank and people i would normally hope to stay with pulled away into the distance,i kept positive and thought of my races to come latter in the season. lap two came by in 33 mins. now the last lap,this was a long slow slog,it felt like the monkey was on my shoulder or was it a gorilla ! i was at 38 th place at 2 laps but i got passed by two guy's on this final lap, it was a relief to see the finish line that was for sure ! finishing in 51 mins tells its own story.that was one tough training race. next stop the 4 villages half marathon and hopefully a much better result.
in the evening i had quite a bad coughing fit ! the tail end of a cold i've had since Christmas eve,lets hope its on the way out now.

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