Friday, 25 January 2008

CORE TRAINING is great for your heart and lungs and legs, but it leaves many muscles weak which can cause muscle imbalances and lead to injury.
core training is the answer to all round fitness and balance within your body.
it need not take hours to do, 10- 15 minutes is all you need. go to your local library or check out core training for runners on google search.
one good example to help you is using a wobble board to strengthen you ankles knees and hips,.
a common problem with modern running shoes is that they protect your feet so much that the muscles in your feet get weak leading to many different injuries , a simple exercise is to put a pair of socks infront of you, then in bear feet using your toes pull the socks under your arches. another exercise is to walk using your toes to pull you along, this will strengthen and make your feet more flexible.

six minutes to a six pack, CORE TRAINING

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