Monday, 28 January 2008

monday club session

I have now completed almost 4 momths of base training, and in the next week i will be moving into the next stage of training which will start to include anaerobic work. i am looking to peak for a marathon in late April. this is the first time i have done any real base training since 2004.
since following Arthur Lydiards ideas i have noticed a good improvement in my running and health.
I now have a great base of aerobic fitness, a great foundation on which with power and speed work i can reach a high peak. watch this space I'm about to fly !
0 x hill sprints, max speed 13.8
15 mile = 2.07

Tue 29th
Easy run for me, hard run for Niz, we ran round the velvet trail in the sandhills, niz is starting to improve fast! = 40 mins

Wed 30th
big sandhills easy-steady = 1.39

Thur 31
interval training, 6 x 1/4 1 x 1 mile 1x1/2 mile
= 1.00

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