Wednesday, 24 November 2010

RicksRunning Hits Crisis Point!

Just maybe, giving you guys a link to BODYROCK was not such a good idea!
viewing figures here have dropped from an all time high to just one today!
I think that one 'hit' was Tess looking to see what I'm buying her for her birthday!
Even Ewen and Scott [my most loyal supporters] have left me and have been buying
Zuzana and asking her to do even MORE sweaty workouts than normal!
Is it time to close RicksRunning down?


Was an epic session, running down to meet the club at Ainsdale, we did 8 long and hard efforts.
both Steve Lewis and Neil [X/C specialist and Marvin soundalike] pushed me hard! with running home this gave me 2 hours of running, felt pretty strong!

Short and sweet, 25 mins at level one then ran the last 5 mins hard-5.40-5.30-5.20 my pace accelerated up until I was hitting 5.02 pace for the final 200m.
Felt good.


Ewen said...

Yes, give up while you're behind Rick ;)

A couple of good days of running there. I can barely hold 5:02 pace for 100 metres!

Scott Brown said...

Maybe shutting down "Rick's Running" wouldn't bother Thomas or Ewen. But anyone that left you for "a pretty face" is not worth worrying about.

Still if Zuzana ever decided to train using the "100 day marathon plan" you wouldn't see me for dust ;)


Thanks guys for sticking around, just going off to buy zuzan another coffee :]
P.s. yes 5.02 pace is not bad for an old dog {Tess] and me!
Zuzana on the 100 day plan, mmm what time do you think she might run?

Anonymous said...

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