Saturday, 13 November 2010


It's all the rage right now, caveman diets and rejecting a materialist way of life!

Well Tess and me have been getting our kicks the Primeval way for many years and today was no different.
Tess going bare paw as always and me in my modified healess Nike Free's WE head out along the road towards the big sand dunes.
Our pace quickly picks up to 5.20 pace, we are flying, I'd spent 20 mins doing the TRIGGER POINT PERFORMANCE WORKOUT so I was well warmed up, but would I pay the price for this suicide pace later on?
We soon reach the Nature trail and I remove Tess's lead so she can run free!
She bounds on ahead of me as we ride the trails like water flowing along a stream, up and down the hills, pushing hard on the up, getting a recovery on the down then winding the pace up along the flatter grassy sections.
After days of gale force winds and heavy rain the sun comes out to greet us, for mid Nov it is amazingly warm :]
Tess puts her nose to the ground cocking her head to the side, moments latter her ears prick up as she locks on to the scent of our pray, we are primeval hunters on the run!
We reach the lake near Pontins then head inland, with the wind on our backs we start to really shift over the roller coaster route.
Over the big dipper, the highest point in our run, Tess skips ahead with effortless ease as I struggle up the insane 1 in 2 ascent, over the top and we fly downhill weaving our way between the trees and bushes.

WE pass the Royal Birkdale Golf Club house, then and along a short tarmac stetch, I push hard to hit 5.20 pace again before we turn left and head passed the grass mound, after a slight rise we have a nice downhill trail.
A dog decides to walk into my path and I have to side step it at speed!
Over the coast road and onto the velvet trail, bit by bit we increase pace I follow Tess's tail.
She running strong, the best I've seen her go for years, she must be motivated for the MAD DOG 10K :]
The last 5 mins are back on the road and I push all out and finish the last mile at sub 6 pace!
We both finish with a smile, it's been a good day, one to remember, one to savour!
Two hunters, working together, feeling strong!
Total time 1 hour 18 mins

I decided last week just to enjoy my running and run as I feel for the next 6 weeks.
Monday i ran down to the club fartlek session and enjoyed running with the guys.
On the way home I got the 'Bonk' as my blood sugar took a dive, I started feeling dizzy and with no emergency gels to hand I had to crawl the final couple of miles at a very slow pace.
it was my longest run since the Langdale marathon so not to worry. = 1 hour 52 mins
I ran with Tess for 30 mins on the road and finished with 6 fast strides.
Club session, ran with Paul, picking up the pace from time to time. = 42 mins
hillside road loop with Tess, steady run then really picked up the pace for the last 5 mins, we were flying and hit well under 6 min mile pace.
Gale force winds but felt good :] = 30 mins
Trigger point workout [every day] plus functional free weights and core work


Ewen said...

Wish I could run like Tess! Great view from up there Rick, but if you ever visit Canberra, I'll show you some REAL mountains, with REAL views ;)


That sound good Ewen, maybe one day I'll may it 'down under' :]

barefootjosh said...

Great footage! Tess is a beautiful dog. That landscape is totally foreign to me - I'll have to video some of my local running haunts some day. But the dunes look fun.


Yes Josh the sandhills are FUN and even better when Tess runs with me :]
Yeah you should video your training routes, that would be cool!

Scott Brown said...

Rick, looks like a terrific spot! I'd be happy to run there! Tess must make it all the better. Do you always run with her? That is, take her on all your runs?

Rick said...

Scott, Tess runs with me on my long and also easy runs [ mostly off road where she can run off the lead ] but not my fast sessions on the road, shes not too keen on road running!