Thursday, 11 November 2010


The HOTTEST News Stories In Town!
Rumors that Ryan Hall has been spotted running on water wearing a pair of New prototype Asics 'Jesus' sandals' have been denied by R&D Asics spokesman Anton Yakamoto, He said "This is just pie in the sky".

Haile Gebrselassie is about to break a New record, for the shortest ever retirement from running!
Check out the news story HERE

Training update
I've decided to follow Ryan Hall's New Training methods;
Each day this week I've got on my knees and asked God to give me a daily training programe for Tess [she's doing the Mad Dog 10K in Feb] so far God's not got back to me, which means poor Tess has been missing out on running this week!
Backwards God spells Dog, does this have meaning?

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Breakfast really is a record breaker READ HERE

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What's the Perfect Running Form? And Who's Got It?
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Scott Brown said...

3,465 Visitors on your blog and not one from the man upstairs!

And you're wrong about Geb's being the "shortest retirement on record" That would have to go to Ewen who was heard to say a few years ago just after finishing a slow 5K track race....

F--- this!! That's F----- it!!! .....................................I'm getting some new shoes!

Rick said...

I can't beleive Ewen could swear!!!

Scott Keeps Running said...

The man upstairs is too busy watching a loop of this.

Ewen said...

You're right Rick. I was brought up to be a gentleman, and to remain calm in the face of adversity.

What I said was" "Fantstic this! That's Finally done it! My shoes are slow so I'm going to break open the wallet and I'm getting some new shoes!

Rick said...

Scott I think she's gone and murdered that song :[
Think if I had to listen to an endless loop of that music it would be hell for me!!!
Ewen, the last time you opened your wallet I heard it caused an earthquake, that reached as far as New Zealand!

Ewen said...

That's not quite correct Rick... it only reached as far as Tasmania.